A page to store ideas and links for future posts.  Get a glimpse of how my mind works! 🙂

  • Bitwarden – password synchronising between browsers  (Vivaldi 1.16)
  • Essential Extensions for Vivaldi
  • The GDPR Era: benefits & annoyances
  • Frustration Corner:
    • e.g. every online retailer requires an account – why???
    • Online Advertising (how websites beg and cry to get you to accept them)
    • The myth of “Personalised” advertising; “It doesn’t mean more advertising, it means Personalised advertising”. Personalised advertising IS MORE ADVERTISING.
  • The Rules of Life: The unofficial rules that no-one talks about but that affect us every day:
    • If you have a task, you will discover a variety of tasks you have to complete before you can do that task. Some of these new tasks will sprout tasks of their own (and so on). This effect is magnified when using computers.
    • Frustration has a certain daily quota to fill, but you are not allowed to know the quota as it changes each day.
      • e.g. [driving] turn onto a road and see green traffic lights ahead – these lights will change before you reach them, but just to rub it in will do so the instant you look at them. Crucially, this is a game played by all traffic lights you encounter on your journey, not just the one set.
      • If you ever set out to prove the rules, they will change to make you doubt yourself. (Suddenly traffic lights stay open for you)
    • 50/50 choices will invariably be the wrong one.
    • Stop worrying about your decisions: every decision will be punished by life, regardless of ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ at the time.
    • Honesty is vitally important, because you’ve gone through life being hurt by people who could not/would not be honest with you.
    • Site Icon?
    • Change Gravatar?
    • Would like to preserve continuity but am not thrilled by the ‘grunt’ theme or blog-address. 
      • Wouldn’t take much to start again… could even import the posts you want to keep?
    • Remove/re-do the categories/tag list?
    • Theme – can I do a dark theme?
    • First article – re-launch, quick retrospective of where I was compared to where I am now (sexism, eco-consciousness, Transformer collecting)

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