A page to store ideas and links for future Grunt posts.  Get a glimpse of how my mind works! 🙂


  • Postcards from…Minecraft?
  • Adopting Blu-Ray
  • Lastpass – password synchronising between browsers  (Opera 11.01!)
  • Essential Extensions for Opera
  • Preview of Love (Angels & Airwaves)
  • Review of Battle: LA
  • Review/post-mortem of Tron Legacy
  • My love for Scott Pilgrim
  • Star Wars: The Clone wars Season 3, sucking pretty hard for the first 12, but then being absolutely brilliant for three weeks in a row…and promising much more goodness still to come!
  • Is there an iPad shaped hole in my life?
  • Transformers. OMG-Transformers! (No, not the third film! The TOYS!)

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