Tron: Legacy – ‘Flynn Lives’ HD Trailer!

Forget that horrid low-res, nearly inaudible old trailer I posted yesterday – check out this newly released Spanking HD version! With an extra few seconds of footage! GEEK-GASM 2: BIGGER, HARDER, LONGER, UNCUT!!

Hmm, ok, so they’ve decided not to let skeevy bloogers like me steal their loveliness, but you can still watch the thing on YouTube.  Just click play on the vid below and you’ll be given a link to that site. The vid runs wider there anyway. Enjoy! 🙂

In addition, there’s this curiosity. Hopefully this is Flynn himself (Jeff Bridges) waxing lyrical on the  upcoming revolution in digital teleportation…

Lastly, there’s this curious site,,with another link to the HD trailer and five more boxes just waiting to be unlocked…

Looks like Disney are seriously pimping this one!  O’ Tease me, you great big media-conglomerate-of-lovliness, you!


Yea…ok. There’s nothing so humbling as being out-blogged by professionals. 🙂 Go HERE, where they’ve scraped together and lovingly presented much more stuff than I even realised was out there! Thanks, guys!

(One of the more interesting comments on their page: The trailer released last year was done so UNOFFICIALLY by persons unknown. Disney bigwigs apparently hit the roof when they found out, but when the extremely positive fan reaction got back to them they had no choice but to green-light the film!)


Tron: Legacy – First Look!

What beautiful news to wake up to!

America’s annual geek-fest, Comic-con, has gifted the geek community with the first official look at Disney’s new Tron film’s title, Tron: Legacy! Thank GOD they heard the cries of horror at last year’s ‘con when they unveiled the working title, the yoof-centric ‘TR2N’!


I had a geek-gasm just seeing this. A big one. I had to sit down for a bit to catch my breath and let my knees stop shaking.

They’ve also unveiled an incredible set of concept artwork (laminated, to catch the tears of joy…) Caution: too much eye-candy can make you sick of Real Life…


The new iGridBike


That Recognizer seems familiar somehow... 😉 Not so sure about the Matrix-esque visuals, however.


THAT'S more like it! Grunt Wants One!!!!


So abstract it defies description. Pure Tron, though. Gorgeous. 😀


Again, not sure what's going on here but it's very shiny whatever it is. And blue, which just happens to be my favourite colour. 🙂


The Tron universe finally gets its own street-racer!


Faster than a very fast thing going exceedingly fast. The first ground-based vehicle to go FTL?

I adore the first film, the 1982 classic starring Bruce “John Sheridan” Boxleitner (of Babylon 5 fame) and none other than Jeff “The Dude” Bridges. More than any other film, Tron is ART, while also being a ripping adventure of the kind Disney used to excel at before they learned how to suck. More than any other film in production I want the great makers to get this one right.

First impressions are good –  but I’m a bit worried that the simplicity of the iconic original visuals has been upgraded too far into the standard Hollywood slickness. If we’ve learned anything from the ILM-fueled live-action Transformers abominations*, it’s that you can make things too complex for people to actually follow (in visual terms). That Apple-inspired bike has me a tad concerned, too. Still, it’s early days yet so I’ll try to keep optimistic. Here’s what the film will be about:

Official Synopsis- Tron: Legacy is a 3D high-tech adventure set in a digital world that’s unlike anything ever captured on the big screen. Sam Flynn (GARRETT HEDLUND), the tech-savvy 27-year-old son of Kevin Flynn (JEFF BRIDGES), looks into his father’s disappearance and finds himself pulled into the same world of fierce programs and gladiatorial games where his father has been living for 25 years. Along with Kevin’s loyal confidant (OLIVIA WILDE), father and son embark on a life-and-death journey across a visually-stunning cyber universe that has become far more advanced and exceedingly dangerous.

Now THAT sounds wonderful. I’ve always loved a bit of ‘dark n dangerous’, me. 😀

Finally, I’ll repost the concept trailer they screen at last year’s Comic-con. This hasn’t much to do with the film itself, being something the makers slapped together in order to get the green light from the studio for the big moolah, but it’s still cream-inducingly amazing. It’s a bit fuzzy, but still lovely to watch. Oh, and turn the volume up so you can hear the crowd going nuts! Enjoy!

What are you waiting for, Disney!?! RELEASE THE FILM NOW!!!

– – – – – – – – –

*I warn you now, DO NOT GET ME STARTED on Transformers!

Plants vs Zombies!!! YouTube Trailer!!!

I don’t know what it is…but I must have played this song for myself over two dozen times already. I think it’s the litle sunflower’s singing voice; she’s adorable, moving the song well past the paltry word ‘catchy’ and into some strange universe where music directly reprograms your brain’s neural wiring.

Have a listen, but don’t blame me if you’re sneaking out of bed at 3am to fire up the PC for one more blast:

(Incidentally, this video is the highly imaginitive marketing effort for an upcoming PC game. Find out more here, particularly if you can’t get enough of Solitaire, Peggle or Bejewelled. You can even make your own Zombie Avatar!