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There have clearly been some big changes to this blog and there are a few more to come. I’ve decided to refocus this digital space in an new direction. Gone is the personal and emotional content, replaced instead with 24/7 Geekery on all manner of topics: film, television, computer games, gaming culture, software, hardware – ranging from PCs, Macs, phones, gadgets and any electrical equipment that geeks would write about – scientific articles, futurism, astronomy, astrophysics…

It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time but have been…distracted…by trying to cram in all facets of my personality into one or two blogs, which I’ve always felt provided a very disjointed experience, not only for any readers I may have inadvertently attracted but also for myself as a writer.

So, it’s goodbye to the old moaning Grunt and hello to excitable, critical and personable Grunt: the Cave-Geek!

This is a new era, folks. Hopefully we’ll have fun exploring it together.


…The Author

Grunt isn’t me. That’s the first thing you should be aware of. As a human being I’m much more complex than any character could hope to be. What Grunt is, though, is whatever I need him to be. He’s kind of a buffer between you and I, a mechanism by which I can explore the world without being distracted by things I don’t need to be. Before, Grunt was the brave, cro-magnon part of me that would say anything, at any time, without censure. In the new era Grunt will change to accommodate the new direction the blog will be taking.

Grunt is a caveman. He’s used to a certain level of technology but is now finding lots of new technology coming at him in rapid succession. How does he react to it? Is it always going to be fearful? Or will certain technologies instinctively prove their worth? In many ways seeing our rapidly changing world through the eyes of a so archetypal a figure could prove very enlightening. It also delivers a clear reminder of the novelty of technology that we may have become blasé about or, worse, have become completely inured to. In order to fully appreciate technology, and art while I come to think about it (art and technology being the two intertwined DNA strands of Geek culture), we often need to take a step back to appreciate the wondrous nature of what our science is capable of. If I can pull of the trick of adopting the Grunt persona well enough, having a foreign, child-like view of things should be fun and revealing in equal measure.

Oh, and don’t worry. I only plan to adopt Grunt’s point of view. The cave-speak will be kept to a bare minimum! 🙂


…The Rules

Grunt is generally a friendly sort who loves to hear what people have to say so comments of all kinds are usually most welcome. If you do feel moved to put finger(s) to keyboard you’ll find that most anything goes; Grunt is no friend of censorship so feel free to express yourself however you desire. Just keep it friendly and/or respectful.

Additionally, please allow some time for your comment to be moderated before it appears on the site. If I’ve learned one thing from my long history online it’s that a reasonable amount of moderation is necessary to make sure all involved enjoy the experience. Please don’t take any delays personally, particularly if you know me in real life; I do check in frequently (whether I post anything or not) but life may occasionally distract me with something shiny.


Grunt, 20th January 2011

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