Playbook Slips, Samsung Galaxy Pad thinner & cheaper than iPad 2!

With news that the release of the Blackberry Playbook is due to slip into June now (My birthday is in June…any rich, generous readers out there?) comes the rather attractive news that Samsung, who scant weeks ago sounded rather deflated by Apple’s new baby, have apparently been whipping their engineers with salted sugar-cane to produce a new version of their Galaxy Tab range that is…waitforit…an entire 0.5mm thinner than the Jobsian fondle-Slab! Not content to unleash only one globe-shattering announcement, they may be pricing the beast very competitively too, seriously undercutting Cupertino (who, as we know, are very fond of the word ‘premium’ when it comes to pricing).

All sarcasm and snark aside, however, I find myself strangely intruiged. I’ve been accused of Samsung mavenry before – by friends noticing my camera and shiny 1Terabye External Hard Drive both had the word ‘Samsung’ emblazoned on them (my mobile/cell phone was, and still is, a Nokia) – but the decision to oust Blackberry’s late, and admittedly chunky, device off the top of my ‘to buy’ list has nothing to do with the branding and everything to do with getting the iPad experience as soon as I can from any other manufacturer than Apple. I do like Samsung; they do clever, intuitive things with hardware and software. If anyone could beat Jobs at his own ferocious game it would be those clever Samsungites…

…as long as they can deliver on the performance, something that’s dogged their attempts up until now. So I will watch this, yes, I will watch this very closely to see if it contains the digital finger-stroking convenience I so dearly crave.


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