Tron: Legacy – ‘Flynn Lives’ HD Trailer!

Forget that horrid low-res, nearly inaudible old trailer I posted yesterday – check out this newly released Spanking HD version! With an extra few seconds of footage! GEEK-GASM 2: BIGGER, HARDER, LONGER, UNCUT!!

Hmm, ok, so they’ve decided not to let skeevy bloogers like me steal their loveliness, but you can still watch the thing on YouTube.  Just click play on the vid below and you’ll be given a link to that site. The vid runs wider there anyway. Enjoy! 🙂

In addition, there’s this curiosity. Hopefully this is Flynn himself (Jeff Bridges) waxing lyrical on the  upcoming revolution in digital teleportation…

Lastly, there’s this curious site,,with another link to the HD trailer and five more boxes just waiting to be unlocked…

Looks like Disney are seriously pimping this one!  O’ Tease me, you great big media-conglomerate-of-lovliness, you!


Yea…ok. There’s nothing so humbling as being out-blogged by professionals. 🙂 Go HERE, where they’ve scraped together and lovingly presented much more stuff than I even realised was out there! Thanks, guys!

(One of the more interesting comments on their page: The trailer released last year was done so UNOFFICIALLY by persons unknown. Disney bigwigs apparently hit the roof when they found out, but when the extremely positive fan reaction got back to them they had no choice but to green-light the film!)


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